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Important Note:

All participants in the events below are required to sign the 'Book'.  In doing so they acknowledge the following disclaimer, inserted at the front of the 'Book':

I join Mount Hash House Harriers activities voluntarily, and assume full responsibility for any risks of loss, property damage or personal injury for myself, and anyone invited by me, as a result of engaging in these activities.  By signing in on a runpage, I agree to abide by club rules, including payment of a sign-on fee.

Can hares please remember to pick up and return Piss Stop supplies each week

1598:  19 Nov  Bluevain  27 Maxwells Rd - bring a change of shoes and clothing.  (the threatened scary trail may make you yourself!)

1599:  26 Nov  Rwanda & Stamen

1600:  3 Dec    CC & Crabstick

1601:  10 December:  Combined Xmas Run:  Pah Rd, Te Puke

1602:  17 Dec   Farmer Tom

1693:  24 Dec   Lubes,  Metalman Yard, Koromiko St