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Important Note:

All participants in the events below are required to sign the 'Book'.  In doing so they acknowledge the following disclaimer, inserted at the front of the 'Book':

I join Mount Hash House Harriers activities voluntarily, and assume full responsibility for any risks of loss, property damage or personal injury for myself, and anyone invited by me, as a result of engaging in these activities.  By signing in on a runpage, I agree to abide by club rules, including payment of a sign-on fee.

Can hares please remember to pick up and return Piss each week


Monday 1st June  5PM:    Perky's Birthday run -   1 Topaz Drive, Papamoa -  Humpy & Perky 


Here are the measures we are adopting for Level 2 Compliance and protection of members:






Infection Control

Do not come if you have any cold or flu-like symptoms. Be 48 hours symptom-free before returning


Use Hand sanitiser before touching anything shared

Food, Booze, money,


Protect each other

Paper vessels for fine circle

Food either individually packaged or served to you.

Contact Tracing

Sign in book

 To comply with government tracing directive for level 2

The sign in book has details of all present and where.

 A list of human names and contact details held by HHH

Social distancing

Keep a distance of 1 metre

To comply with government tracing directive for level 2

Where ever possible before during and after Hash run stay 1 metre apart.


We are managing food, drink and fines in compliance with Covid-19 requirements and require your support and patience in applying them.  Please adhere to these social distancing, contact tracing and hygiene rules while you attend, and do not post anything on social media that might be construed otherwise. 


Monday 8th June             Flossy - 127 Beaumaris Boulevard, Bethlehem

15th June                       Gnash and Mildew


COVID LEVEL 2 RULES STILL APPLY:  Anyone joining our activities must comply with the Level 2 measures set by the Committee, and avoid causing concern over adherence to those measures.   Our member register will be used in conjunction with the book as a record of attendance for tracing purposes.  Please advise Copteaser if your contact details change from the list that will be sitting in the Book.