Mount Maunganui Hash House Harriers

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What are we?

The Hash House Harriers (commonly abbreviated "HHH" or "H3" and referred to as "the Hash") is a worldwide collection of loosely-associated running groups. The Hash is frequently described as "a drinking club with a running problem," The organization of the HHH is completely decentralized, with chapters allowed to form and disband at any time and in any place.
Individual hashes have their own (often absurd) customs and rituals, but almost all hashes share several major characteristics. A Hash run will consist of running a trail that is not disclosed ahead of time, but rather is marked by some means by a member of the group. This tends to lead to unpredictable and dynamic running/walking trails. At the end of the trail, participants hold a ceremony known as 'down-downs', drinking beer to celebrate the run.
After attending several runs, participants will be given a 'hash name', which is generally based in either sexual innuendo or a specific memorable incident involving the new member.
Hashers will almost always refer to each other by these 'hash names'.

RUNS: Monday 18.00 hrs - 6.00pm

COST: $5.00 per run and includes a light meal.

The Run

The hash is a run or walk with trail set by one or two volunteers, known as the hares.  The hares lay a 4-8 km trail with biodegradable flour, shredded paper, sawdust or other identifiable marking.   The runners/walkers, known as the hounds, follow this trail though the woods, rivers, streets, playgrounds and sometimes messy ("shiggy") areas, in search of the end, which is where lots of beer and food awaits the tired pack.  "Hashing" is the act of participating in the hash.

Two things you can always count on at a 2MH3 Hash run - beer at the end of the run, and plenty of FUN people to socialize with each week. We pride ourselves on having a party-like atmosphere at every hash.